Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

The USP of our products is excellent product quality with the complete standard procedure. We ensure that the farmers or the collectors from where the products arrive, they provide standard and premium quality products. We also ensure that the safety controls and the quality of the products are maintained as determined per the company norms. The activities and communications related to those activities are undertaken and organized in most systematic and effective manner. We believe that the quality of the products with excellent service to the clients helps to improve the brand position in the market. Our objective is to provide superior quality products to our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied.

Product Storage:

Further, we ensure that the packaging, processing and cold storage facilities for our products especially the herbs and dry fruits like raisins to keep them fresh. This enables us with the strength of providing the most vivid range of products with standard and premium quality of products. We also ensure that the quality standards are rigorously followed by ethical ideals.

Product standards and quality checks:

Our relationship with the farmers has also helped to produce and supply original products with constant efforts to manage and provide improved products with the help of periodic quality checks. We believe in the enhancement of the standards of the products based on the customer feedback. Our cultural strings attached with farmers also help us to create transparent relations with the farmers as well as the customers. Our premium quality of products, prompt responses and on-time delivery of products along with adherence to the food industry statutes and regulations have helped us to enhance our relations with all the stakeholders, may it be the customers, suppliers or the farmers.
Methods of quality inspection:
The primary reason for providing superior quality of products is the unique combination of primitive and modern methods that combine together and provide ultimate results in the form of premium quality spices, herbs, and dry fruits. Our methods of processing are of superior quality and hence, it helps us to process the goods with more technologically advanced processes that ultimately helps to accomplish our goals.

Quality Policy:

Our quality policy constitutes all significant aspects of the products like packaging of products, specifications of the farmers, policies related to the controlling and evaluation of the products, training of the staffs , review of physical and environmental products, ensuring customer quality, reviewing of the processes and steps involved in the complete procedure related to procurement of raw materials and exports of goods along with dispatch documents are examined minutely before placing them in market or before providing it to the customers. All the risks are closely calculated and mitigated to avert any losses during the procedures. All the critical control points are closely observed and ascertained at different stages.
We ensure that all the processes related to dispatch of the products are approved as per the standard requirements of the shipping departments. We also ensure that lab tests are conducted before dispatching of the products so that the customers get superior quality products as per their requirements. We ensure following the ethical trade practices so that farmers are paid fairly, and we give meticulous attention to the legal issues that may be related to the entire process.